Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bring the Pope to Canada in 2008-- serious effort, sign here!

A very serious effort to bring the pope to Quebec City has been launched by former Quebec cabinet minister Marc Bellemare (now leader of a municipal party, Vision Quebec).

The pope's presence in Canada would obviously be an opportunity for him to speak out for the culture of life and the rights of unborn children.

Most of North America is enmeshed in the culture of death, but in Quebec it's especially bad. We need a strong voice to defend the unborn.

So please, sign the petition, and all of you: blog this! It's absolutely important. I want the Vatican to be bowled over by the number of signatures this petition receives, so it's important to make a mass effort.

And this includes Americans! Naturally, you would want the pope to come to your neighbouring country: it's all good. Please blog this as well.

One small hitch: the petition I have is in French, but no big deal.

Go to

Click on "Signer la p├ętition ici".

On that screen you will get a small form. Note:

Prenom= First name
Nom= last name
Courriel= email address

The checkbox asks whether you want your name to show up in the list of signatures. If yes, check it, or leave it blank to keep your name private.

They only started yesterday and have received 1200 signatures. We need AT LEAST 5 digits, folks, so come on, get moving!

You can also download a PDF version of the petition. Print it out and bring it to your parish. The contact information to return it is at the bottom of the page. Note, no address is needed, as this is not a political petition.

Quick update: Join the Facebook group here and invite all your friends. That's another easy way to promote this effort.