Sunday, October 21, 2007

Don't close institutions for the disabled

Sandy Crux has a post warning people about a petition to close down institutions for the disabled.

Don't sign it.

I don't like treating all disabled people as a collective with the same needs. I have an autistic daughter. I do not plan on having her live in a residence when she's older, but I definitively want that option.

The petition is couched in all kinds of crazy, left-wing language:

RECOGNIZING that institutions deny citizenship and life in the community;

"Citizenship" has nothing to do with this. Some mentally disabled people are not able to take care of themselves and need help.

It's a matter of choice. Some people are better of being protected and supervised. Some are not. Why not leave it to each individual family to decide what is best?

It's not "unequal" for a person to be treated according to his abilities. Equality is about the nature of the person, not the circumstances of his existence.

I'm really peeved these people think they speak for my child.