Monday, October 29, 2007

From the bulging "abortion is a shady business" file

Jill Stanek has the lowdown on two lawsuits involving Planned Parenthood and some of its former employees.

One lawsuit involves Steve Trombley, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Chicago, who fired abortionist Murray Pelta.

According to the brief, Murray Pelta wrote prescriptions for PP members--without reporting them-- and also performed abortions on PP employees without documenting them as well. One PP board member wanted her abortion absolutely secret.

Now why would that be? Was she in an adulterous affair perhaps?

The second lawsuit was filed by RN Nicole Chesis against PPCA and abortionist Darryn Dunbar, who replaced Pelta. Among the accusations she makes: employees without proper training were performing ultrasounds and changing the dates of ultrasounds so that they could charge patients with a later abortion.

When you follow what goes on in abortion clinics, this seems par for the course: drug use, improperly trained people performing medical acts, secrecy, etc.