Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Graidien Eldred is the human face of abortion debate in the UK

Britain is in the midsts of an abortion debate as the abortion law is under review.

The British Health Minister has said that she sees no reason to lower the gestational limit on abortion, which stands at 23 weeks.

Her reasoning is that babies born under 24 weeks have a very small chance of surviving.

However, Graidien Eldred (seen above), born earlier this month at 23 weeks 5days, defied those odds.

That baby could have been aborted the day he was born. He was a nothing in the eyes of the state.

Look at that picture. Does that look like a nothing to you?

There is no compassion for the unborn among the opponents of fetal rights. All that matters is the mom. If a baby like Graidien has to suffer in the womb, too darn bad.