Monday, October 01, 2007

Michigan abortionist nailed for doing illegal abortions

Detroit, MI ( -- A Michigan doctor has had his license suspended after he was accused of doing illegal abortions in violation of state laws protecting women. P. Sethavarangura lost the license on Thursday after a local television station conducted a sting operation showing him putting women's health at risk.
WDIV TV Local 4 exposed Sethavarangura in an undercover probe and used a hidden camera to record Sethavarangura offerings abortions for $150 in a rundown Detroit building.

The television also showed him using dirty equipment and saying he would do the abortions "on the spot" even though the state requires a 24-hour waiting period so women can review information about abortion alternatives.

The probe also found Sethavarangura offering to do abortions on teenage girls without parental involvement, which Michigan state law also requires.

Bob Ulieru, of the Department of Community Health, told the television station that the agency acted upon the information it provided in the undercover investigation.

"Today the Department of Community Health issued a summary suspension," he said. "Essentially what it does ... as a result of the investigation and information (Local 4) provided ... the state has now suspended his medical license."

WDIV reported that the state has accused Sethavarangura of negligence and incompetence and said he showed "a lack of moral character."

(Now why aren't more abortionists sanctioned on this )

The station contacted Sethavarangura after the announcement his medical license would be suspended and he defended his actions, saying his patients would miss his services.

"They will miss me," Sethavarangura said, adding that he was providing abortions for poor women who couldn't afford them at private abortion businesses.

That's a hoot. They'll miss this compassionate, non-compliant medical "professional" who didn't care enough to tell the girls' parents. Spare me.

I predict feminists will defend his actions.

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