Saturday, October 13, 2007

UK abortionist: fetuses die during abortion

I wish I had more time to blog this article from the Daily Mail. It's quite extensive.

The article chronicles a teenaged girl's abortion at 16 weeks.

If she'd asked the surgeon, scrubbing up in the operating theatre, he would have given her his standard, brief answer: "The terminology I'd use would be that the foetus is removed and that the foetus dies as a result of that process," says Dr John Spencer, who is the senior clinical director for Marie Stopes and one of only a handful of doctors in the country who perform abortions right up to the legal limit of 24 weeks.

"Women hardly ever ask for any more details."

One of the things that proponents of legalized abortion are most reluctant to admit is that the unborn child dies during an abortion.

They use every euphemism possible to cover up that empirical reality. They (still) stay it's a blob of cells, or that it's a potential life.

There you have it from the horse's mouth-- the fetus dies during an abortion.

If the fetus dies, it must because he's a living being to begin with. So what kind of living being?

Why a human being of course.

That's another thing many proponents of legalized abortion deny.

And note how the women do not want to know more details. Ignorance is bliss. Until you find out what abortion is really about and you're left dealing with the guilt of having killed your own offspring in a very cruel manner.

Here's another good tidbit:

Dr Kate Guthrie is a senior member of the RCOG. She also runs the NHS abortion service in Hull, where she operates on patients who are up to 14 weeks pregnant.

She'd be willing to retrain for the more complicated later procedure, but she wouldn't operate beyond 20 weeks. "I think every individual has their cut-off point. It's not scientific, it's just personal, it's just foetal size."

When I press her to spell out whether she means if the foetus is just "too much of a baby", she says: "I suppose so."

Even people who do abortions implicitly admit that abortion kills babies.

We should interview more abortion doctors. Even they have qualms about abortion. Shouldn't the rest of the population?

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