Monday, October 15, 2007

UK: Former late-term abortionist wants to lower limits

A senior doctor has revealed how the harrowing experience of killing well-developed foetuses as an abortionist persuaded him that the upper time limit should be lowered.

The present law - currently under review by MPs - says that in the vast majority of cases, babies can only be terminated up to 24 weeks.

Now leading obstetrician Professor Stuart Campbell is calling for so-called social abortions - those where the mother or baby are not seriously at risk - to be banned after 20 weeks.


Under the law, abortions can be carried out to full term for these reasons. Professor Campbell only wants to see the 20 week limit applied to 'social' abortions.

Last week another senior doctor called for the abortion limit for social reasons to be reduced even further - to 16 weeks.

Dr Vincent Argent of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, Britain's largest abortion provider, also revealed that GPs were routinely breaking the law by signing abortion consent forms without seeing or examining patients - or even after the procedure had been performed.


"Lowering the upper gestational limit for termination of pregnancy will not end demand for later abortion, but will merely increase the hardship and emotional suffering of women seeking them."

Yeah, and if a baby has to die to spare another woman suffering, too bad! It's all about the woman, never about the baby.


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