Monday, October 22, 2007

VIDEO: On CTV's The Verdict: Unborn Victims of Crime

Tonight on CTV Newsnet's The Verdict Paula Todd discusses whether we need an unborn victims of crime bill. (Click on October 22nd show).

I was shocked. I didn't watch the whole show, but the gist of the show seemed to be favourable to the fetal rights side.

The argument that I got out of it that I liked is that an outside person killing a fetus is taking away a woman's reproductive choice.

What I didn't like is that the legal panel assumed the woman would always die in these cases. That's not necessarily true. If the fetus dies and the woman doesn't, the loss of the fetus is not accurately reflected in an aggravated assault case. Injuries can be healed, but the loss of a fetus is forever.

Watch it and pass it on. It's worth the hour. Imagine: a whole hour on primetime Canadian television devoted to a debate on the fetus. Whodda thunk?