Saturday, October 20, 2007

What if there is a gay gene?

For me, this type of research poses an interesting set of questions. If they are able to identify a "gay gene" in homosexuals, how do they explain me? I was once an out-and-proud gay man who was fully supportive of gay socio/political goals, but now I have embraced a healthy heterosexual approach to relationships. If there is a "gay gene," it did not impede my ability to pursue such a dramatic change. "Gay gene" or not, the issue is settled for me.

If they prove that a "gay gene" exists in my DNA, why then aren't those genes controlling my life now? How was I able to willfully walk away from my pursuit of Mr. Right to live a content single life? How is it that I have defied the supposition that genetics overrule self-determination? The truth is that we all have the freedom to make decisions about our sexual behavior. I've chosen to live in congruence with my faith.