Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Abortionist couldn't stand sight of 21-week fetus' arm

The New York Times profiled Dr. Susan Wicklund an abortionist, who wrote a book about her experiences.

Dr. Wicklund, who is on the frontline of the abortion controversy, says that abortion is "fraught with dilemma".

Fraught with dilemma?

What ever could that mean?

There's no dilemma.

A fetus is a nothing. Only the pregnant woman is the important person in the equation.

Nobody else matters.

So says feminist ideology.

Dr. Wicklund gives an example from her own life:

In the book, she describes witnessing, as a medical student, the abortion of a 21-week fetus. She writes that at the sight of its tiny arm she decided she would perform abortions only in the first trimester of pregnancy. She says late-term abortions should be legal, but her decision means she occasionally sees desperate women she must refuse to help.

But Dr. Wicklund, if you don't perform 2nd trimester abortions women will die!

How dare you put your personal conscience and sentiments above the lives of women!

A woman who decides at the 20 weeks she needs an abortion and has no one else to turn to will put a coathanger up her crotch and then die hemorrhaging.

Do you want her blood on your hands?

An arm? Who cares about a lousy fetus arm! It's only a fetus. Suck it up and stop humanizing the fetus! You're projecting all kind of humanizing on a being that does not matter.

Women are victims after all. If women shove coathangers up their crotch, it's all your fault. Oh sure, you didn't put the coathanger there, but you might as well have! What choice did this woman have, other than continue the pregnancy and deliver a baby? Carry the pregnancy to term! Why that's absurd!

And that, my friends, is the twisted logic of feminist ideology on abortion.

If the abortionist can't stand a dismembered fetus arm, why should we?