Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another example of how feminism is deluded

Amanda Marcotteis at it again: putting out a lot of deluded ideas.

It is my impression that hardcore feminists are so imprisoned by their own philosophical relativism and ideology that they cannot entertain the possibility that there are women who are not feminists (and are even anti-feminists) but do not behave as the ideology says they should.

For instance, it never occurs to Marcotte that perhaps-- just perhaps-- some women are convinced of the humanity and equality of the unborn child.

Why of course she never entertains the possibility. Anti-feminists, in her world, cannot think for themselves. They're all brainwashed. Only feminists are critical thinkers and are capable of independent thought. Nobody else is capable of such a feat.

They cannot take the thought of the fetus having any moral status whatsoever because that threatens their ideology of feminist supremacy.

She writes:

It's more that they think through organizing against women, at least bad women,

Feminists are so self-absorbed in their gender ideology, they think that pro-life women are out to get non-pro-life women.

The women's sins or lack of sins is not my concern when I protest abortion.

My concern is the right to life of unborn children.

I mean honestly. I do not think "oh that slut slept around and deserves to raise an unwanted child." And I don't know any dedicated pro-lifers who think that way.

We really, and honestly do not care how a woman got pregnant. We are not interested in playing inquisition on her sins.

We simply want to save lives.

She then writes:

Not much different, if you think about it, are the anti-choice women who lay claim to post-abortion syndrome. As I've described earlier, post-abortion syndrome happens when a woman chooses an abortion and later chooses to be in an anti-choice group; in order to fit in and get the benefits of blaming other women and implying that they're lowly sluts, the woman must pony up a set of symptoms to demonstrate that she's really, really sorry she had an abortion.

Yeah, all those women who were once pro-choice, and then suffered because of their abortion, they're all LYING.

It doesn't fit into feminist ideology, therefore their experiences are lies, and they don't count.

Feminism is not about women. I really wish the wider public would realize that. It's about feminist supremacy. It's a power trip in an of itself, by claiming to be the oppressed, and then emotionally extorting people for powers to make their wants supreme, with no consideration for anyone else's interests or feelings. The fact that women are oppressed means that they have every right to affirmative action, to quotas, grants and the right to kill an inconvenient fetus.

That way she can both have her cake and eat it, too, or in this case, have her sense of superiority over the dirty, abortion-having sluts while not having to carry an inconvenient pregnancy to term herself.

As if all these women who have post-abortion syndrome were pro-life to begin with. It does happen that there are women who are hypocrites. That's the same in any group. But to pin a pro-choice woman's suffering from an abortion is a bit rich.

The entire concept of "secondary virginity" being pushed by the abstinence-only education squad fits into the repentant slut category.

Is this woman deluded? Does she really believe that we mark women into "sluts" and "non-sluts"?

Get real.

This is rhetorical inflation.

As long as you're willing to offer your female face to the anti-woman cause, and help make the movement look as if it's not as misogynist as it is,

We're generally anti-feminist. Not anti-woman. See,that's another thing about feminists. They claim to embody all women and represent all women.

You do not speak for me.

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