Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bee Movie

This afternoon I went to see Bee Movie. Jerry Seinfeld is the lead voice for Barry Benson, the main character.

(Actually, it was my husband's idea.)

It's a movie about a Bee who decides to sue the human race for the fact that they steal honey.

There were many funny lines in the movie, and it was very creative.

But it was a piece of left-wing brainwash.

There were so many things that were liberal about this movie. The bees were basically "given" their jobs (not unlike a communist system). It was assumed that the bees were the "little guys" and the big bad humans were taking wasn't theirs. And oh yes, the animal rights angle, ugh.

Barry the Bee alos had a crush on a human woman-- a bizzzzzzare love story.

My husband agreed. He said: The most left-wing thing about the movie was that the bee's way of solving his problem was to resort to a lawsuit. There was no attempt to lobby the legislatures.

And human beings were held collectively responsible.

It has a lot of Jerry Seinfeld charm, but it had a terrible plot and a terrible worldview.

I don't recommend it.