Thursday, November 01, 2007

Chemical abortions isolate women

I was reading this French article about a pro-life group's request to the French Senate to reverse the National Assembley's decision to permit Family Planning clinics to administer the RU486 drug.

The argument from L’Alliance pour les Droits de la Vie is this: that a woman who is facing a crisis pregnancy is often alone and vulnerable. Giving her an abortion drug does not help her out with her problems. If anything, it furthers the isolation, because she returns home to have the abortion and passes the fetus, in all by herself. Now of course this is not the case for all women, but we can imagine, based on experience, this is what will happen.

I'd never seen that argument before, and I think it's a very valid point. It reminds me a lot of the solutions we often take in our society. Instead of helping them, we tell them to take a pill and deal with their own problems.