Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Example of why fetal homicide laws are needed

In my last post I answered Joyce Arthur's editorial and explained why we need fetal homicide laws.

Joyce Arthur thinks it's about domestic violence laws.

Guess what? Not everyone who kills the fetus is the mother's partner.

A pregnant Muslim teenager was stabbed to death in her own bedroom in a ferocious and sustained attack by her Sikh love rival, a court was told today.

Dentistry student Harmohinder Kaur Sanghera knifed the wife of her secret lover in an act which was "borne of jealousy and desperation".

Sana Ali, 17, of Bury, Greater Manchester, received 42 separate wounds to her body, including one which penetrated deep into her abdomen. She was 11 weeks pregnant at the time of her death.


Mr Wright said whoever murdered Mrs Ali at her home in Throstle Grove had deliberately lifted her top while she lay on the bedroom floor and stabbed her in her abdomen.

No intent to kill the fetus WHATSOEVER...

I wonder what the husband thinks of losing both a wife AND his unborn child.