Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fr. Euteneuer: 84 deaths from Nicaragua Abortion ban a hoax

Says Fr. Euteneuer:

'One can never expect anything but spurious reporting and despicable lies from AP and all the other secular pro-abortion mouthpieces. That is certainly the case with this AP article on Nicaragua. The article cites 84 maternal deaths since the ban on abortion, but for the first time in recorded history a Minister of Health in Nicaragua has gone on record as explicitly saying that these deaths are not due to illegal abortion.

'Just one month ago, Dr. Maritza Cuan, the Minister of Health, clarified that there were not 84 but 54 maternal deaths so far this year, one less than the same time period last year, and most of these were due to hypertension, drugs, violence, inability to access health services and other health concerns not related to the ban on abortion. Furthermore, the anti-life groups that report on maternal deaths to castigate the ban on abortion also group together mothers who die up to six weeks after birth.

'They say that figures don't lie, but liars do figure.

'Our valiant HLI affiliate leader in Nicaragua, Dr. Rafael Cabrera, has seen first-hand that the pro-abortion forces will do anything to get their sacrosanct right to abortion back. He was also the victim of a house robbery several weeks after the abortion ban went into effect, and we can't but help be suspicious of the timing. He and all the bishops and people of Nicaragua deserve our deepest thanks and praise for being one of the few countries of the world to exorcise the abortion demon from their midst.'