Saturday, November 17, 2007

Guess what-- I'm a traitor to my gender

You know what white supremacists call a white person who believes in rights for all human beings?

A race traitor.

What do feminists call a woman who believes in rights for all human beings?

A gender traitor.

That little outburst on the part of Mandie from Saskatchewan was provoked by my anti-Status of Women blogburst post.

I find that curious because feminism was supposed to be about women being able to make up their own minds and voice their own opinions.

But I guess that's only for people who agree with feminism.

Those erring women who oppose feminism, especially institutionalized state feminism, they're not allowed to speak their minds. They have to shut up and let their betters do the speaking for them.

Well Mandie from Saskatchewan, you do not speak for women and you do not speak for me.

I cannot be a traitor to a group if the group is not unified to begin with.

Women aren't unified.

And that's okay.

Women have the right to be as ideologically diverse and opinionated as men.

Men do not owe their gender anything.

Women do not owe their gender anything.

They owe it to themselves, as individuals, to search for the truth and speak their opinions as they see fit, whether the majority of any collectivity they belongs to agrees with it or not.

But that's the socialist, collectivist mindset for you. Deviate, and you're an enemy.