Friday, November 16, 2007

LifeChain was a huge success

I think the direction of our country is very slowly, but surely moving in a pro-life direction.

Instead of being discouraged and pessimistic, the pro-life community is growing more and more hopeful.

LifeChain was another sign of this gradual momentum for the pro-life movement.

From the newsletter:

We have also received news that many locations saw an influx of youth and families that had never before participated in LifeChains. From British Columbia to Newfoundland, pro-lifers report that LifeChains are getting bigger every year as more Canadians are willing to take a stand for life. More Canadians are ready to speak out against the injustice of abortion and in defense of unborn babies and vulnerable women.

But not only are pro-lifers more numerous and more involved:

With nearly 200 locations across Canada and thousands of passers-by at each intersection at which we were witnessing, millions of Canadians were exposed to the pro-life messages: Abortion Kills Children, Abortion Harms Women and Adoption the Loving Option. As has been the trend in recent years, there were many more expressions of agreement and approval (honks of support, thumbs up) than censure and disapproval.

Some people have asked whether LifeChain is still revelant.

The answer is a big, fat "YES"

Because it provides a show of force for the belief in the right to life to people who not otherwise know that we exist and are numerous. It shows solidarity, that we are ready to stand together in the name of our belief, and fight for it.

In fact, I would say ANY witness that is reasonably well-organized is worthwhile.

We don't need fewer protests, fewer witnesses. We need more. More to inspire and educate.

And above all, more to let other pro-lifers know they are not alone, and they too can make a difference, if they act.

If LifeChain were the only pro-life activity in Canada, I could see why people wouldn't be into it.

But it's not. Political momentum and political change is built on many acts of pro-life witness, by individuals. We simply have to multiply them, do them frequently and consistently. If we give up, then of course the forces of death will win.

I think that pro-lifers have the moral obligation to win this fight. Therefore, they have the moral obligation to continue, regardless of the odds. Human lives are at stake, and our souls are at stake. Do you want to have to answer to God as to why you never helped to save the souls of his most vulnerable children?

LifeChain also provides a kind of platform for more pro-life activity. Knowing that others are doing it makes you want to do it too. There are plenty of things a pro-lifer can do to raise awareness, raise the issue and bring it more into the public eye: Put pro-life literature in your church; find out about local abortion clinic vigils in your area; blog about it; write letters to the editor. Pass on articles to sympathetic friends and acquaintances; join the local pro-life group.

All these small things add up. Don't be fooled. Feminists and gay activists built up their movement with a lot of the same "consciousness-raising" that involved a lot of ordinary people like you. It was everyday people that advanced their agenda. Pro-lifers are just as capable as transforming the culture as they are: if they're willing to act.

I know that one day we will have fetal rights in this country. The sooner you get involved, pro-lifer, the sooner it will happen.