Friday, November 09, 2007

N.B. anti-abortion activist refuses to pay tax fine

I don't agree with his method of civil disobedience-- that of not paying taxes-- but otherwise I think David Little gave a fine pro-life witness:

"My whole case is based on my conscience," Little told CBC News outside the courthouse. "It's deeply troubling when people in authority don't have the basic understanding that abortion for many, many people in this country is simple murder, plain murder."

He continued to insist he will not pay the fine.

"I will never enter into any co-operation with government ever again until they change the law," he said."Human beings in the womb are human beings and we shouldn't be paying our money to kill them."

We need more pro-lifers with that degree of courage. Too many pro-lifers cower at the prospect of rocking the boat or even going to jail.