Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pro-life testimony of a physician who changed his mind

I never used to be pro-life. I was brainwashed by the far left media in this country while in college and I remember a pro-life rally once where I got into a shouting match with another student who was pro-life. But my views slowly changed. Then, one day while on call in residency, I was on obstetrics and I was called to see a patient who was 19 weeks pregnant and was in labor. I delivered the baby, it had a head, and fingers and toes and was still breathing. To knowingly suck out a baby and kill it (as abortions are done at 19 weeks) was beyond me. This family was grieving for the loss of their child. To me, that is a real human being, not some property of the woman to be sucked out and killed.