Monday, November 05, 2007

Virginia PBA State Ban Probably Headed for the SCOTUS

They don't give up do they? The pro-aborts are fighting a Virginia state ban against Partial Birth Abortion.

Do they have no mercy on the little baby whose skull is crushed and whose brains are sucked out?

Apparently not.

That appeals court ruled in June that Michigan’s state partial-birth abortion ban was broader than the federal law and couldn't be upheld in the same manner as the federal band.

Toti claimed that abortion practitioners doing a slightly different method of abortion -- called a "dilation and extraction" -- might accidentally violate the Virginia ban and be convicted under it.

So let's imagine this. An abortionist might accidentally take a pair of scissors and stab a baby's skull.

"Oops! Sorry your honour! It was an accident! I really meant to chop the baby in the womb, but those darn pair of scissors wouldn't fit!"