Monday, December 17, 2007

My Biggest Mistake: My Abortion

Charisse tells about her biggest mistake-- her abortion:

When people see radical Christian women who are unabashedly Pro Life, it seems that they are judged for being ignorant, stupid, living in "prehistoric times" or the "dark ages" and aren't respected for being knowledgeable about anything, particularly women's rights.

But you see, what I have discovered in my Christian circles, is that those women who are strongly opposed to abortions all have one thing in common-

They've had them.

You see, I can tell you what it feels like to live with the guilt of knowing that you murdered your baby. I can tell you that abortion is murder without throwing condemnation, guilt, and shame in your face- not because I am pro-life- but because I had an abortion.

I was a teen mother when I had an abortion and the one thing that I will never forget—is that abortion feels like childbirth. It isn't like a medical procedure where you are numbed, slip into a dreamy state, and wake up minus a problem that you fear will ruin your life.

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H/T: Vote Life, Canada!.

In some poor-choice circles, it is pointed out that some pro-life women have had abortions.

In poor-choice circles, there doesn't seem to be any room for the notion that people can benefit from their past mistakes and come to regret them. Just because a woman may have profited from an abortion doesn't mean it was worth it to her. Many women, if they could, would turn back the clock and have the baby, in spite of the benefits the abortion gave them.

Because the message is this: killing a baby was not worth it.

Poor-choices cannot allow for a woman's sincerity on this point. It would violate their ideological framework. It would actually humanize their opponents (which is never allowed) and to admit sincerity would feed into the pro-life message that abortion is a mistake...even if they privately admit that it could be a mistake, they're not going to let the wider public know that. Because it might make abortion look bad and abortion suffers such a bad rap, they can't allow it to be further viewed in a negative light.

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