Friday, December 14, 2007

One more time: abortion is a shady business

More Abortion Clinics are Closed by Spanish Government Authorities

Are there a so-called medical professionals that are the subject of such criminal investigations as often as abortionists? Is there any group of medical people who so routinely defy the law?

One doctor, whose initials "R.T." were given instead of his full name to protect his identity, said that his signature had been forged on documents pertaining to abortions that he had never been involved in, according to ACI Prensa. In fact, R.T. said, he had never set foot in the clinic.

Well, so he says. Interesting to verify that alibi. Still. Pretty shady.

The three clinics were also disposing of fetuses in the trash, as well as confidential patient documents, both of which practices are illegal under Spanish law.

Fetuses in the trash, huh? Then the abortion lobby wonders where we get the pictures of fetuses.

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