Sunday, December 09, 2007

Robert Latimer versus Conrad Black

The former media baron whom the left loves to hate--Conrad Black-- is expected to be sentenced tomorrow after being convicted of mail fraud and obstruction of justice. He faces 35 years in jail.

I think it's safe to say that Conrad Black poses no physical threat to anyone, just as Robert Latimer doesn't. Now, when Conrad Black is up for parole in a few years, will the left be calling for his release as well, in spite of his defiance?

I wonder.

I'm not sure if the American system works that way, but I imagine it must.

I wonder if the calls for Robert Latimer's release were really displays of sympathy towards his actions, rather than a denunciation of the parole system.

Personally, I think Conrad Black should be treated like any other prisoner. If he has to admit guilt to be let out, then he shouldn't be paroled until such time.

I find disturbing the possibility that the liberal-leaning public has more sympathy for Robert Latimer than Conrad Black. Not that I'm a fan of Conrad Black. I'm fairly indifferent about him. I'm more concerned about the lack of even-handedness with regards to whom the public (well, the media) villifies. A man kills his daughter, and the public calls for his release. A man steals millions of dollars, but he's considered to have defrauded the little guy. I suspect the people will want him to rot in jail.

I could be wrong. I wouldn't mind being wrong. Somehow I doubt it.

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