Thursday, December 06, 2007

A significant number of babies survive late-term abortion attempts

The CBC reports that First Place Pregnancy Center has decided to not accept money from the Ottawa Senators Foundation.

I understand that they do not want to heavily politicize the crisis pregnancy centre. Even though CPC's are part of the pro-life movement, they try to stay away from the politics. They do not want politics to interfere with their service to pregnant women.

One nugget that caught my attention is this piece of information. The First Place CPC took down some controversial links, one which had the headline:

"One baby in 30 left alive after medical abortion."

I would have liked to have seen that link. I believe that "medical abortion" in this instance refers to "late-term abortion."

That statement, alone, is not controversial. While numbers vary, it is widely acknowledged by anyone who performs late-term abortions that sometimes unborn children do survive the attempt. For example, in the UK, it was found that in one year 50 babies survived abortion. One little boy survived three attempts on his life.

This also happens in Canada. I've cited a report by the Quebec College of Physicians showing that in 1998, about 14 unborn babies survived late-term abortion attempts. Foeticide-- the act of injecting a poisonous agent in the fetus-- is becoming more common in order to avoid the "dreaded complication" of a live birth. Nevertheless, it's not always used, and it's not always successful.

These babies are born, but their Charter Rights are often disregarded, even at the request of the parents. It is not uncommon for these children to be left to die.

Feminists and like-minded leftists fancy themselves as the voice for the voiceless. Unfortunately, they do not raise their voices for these little ones.

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