Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Stick it to the pro-aborts: donate to a CPC

You may have heard about Heather Mallick's column denouncing the "Better Halves" for contributing to First Place, a crisis pregnancy centre.

The easiest way to create a silver lining out of all this is to donate to the Crisis Pregnancy Centre in question.The Better Halves are raffling Christmas Trees, but I don't really need one. Eliminate the middleman and make sure your money goes straight to where it's needed.

The other silver lining is that this hubbub has alerted women to the fact that there are places to go for help if they don't want an abortion. I hadn't heard of First Place, but I'm glad I have. Now I know of another place to refer women with difficult pregnancies.

I really hope you consider donating. This is how you concretely fight the culture of death.

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