Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Abortion Numbers in 2004...late-term abortion appears to be on the rise

FYI...From Lambton Right to Life.

Of those reports, 36,874 recorded the gestational age of the baby. Abortions under nine weeks accounted for 14,002, while 17,992 were performed between nine and 12 weeks and 3,125 between 13 and 16 weeks. There were reports for 1,755 abortions performed after 16 weeks gestation—four hundred and one were performed after 20 weeks, and 35 were reported as aborted at more than 25 weeks. There were records for five babies aborted at more than 33 weeks gestation.

Wow. Five babies aborted at more than 33 weeks gestation. And that's among those that were reported.

If we extrapolate from those numbers, about 1000 late-term abortions were done in Canada in 2004. It sounds like late-term abortion is on the rise.

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