Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Abortions are not only about the woman

This op-ed really got me mad. It argues that late-term abortions in the Australian state of Victoria should be legalized.

They write:

After birth we do not force families to continue futile treatment of newborns, children or adults.

Indeed, paediatricians recommend parents of a normal 24-26 week newborn should decide whether their baby is treated if there is some chance of survival.

It is indefensible some politicians wish the fetus inside a woman's body to have a higher moral status than a newborn infant of the same gestation outside the woman's body.

What a load of bull.

The idea that we treat fetuses better than newborns is crap.

We do not dismember newborns. We do not stick scissors in the base of their skull and suck out their brains. We do not jab a syringe full of potassium chloride into their hearts.

When we cease treatment for newborns, we do nothing.

To equate abortion with passive euthanasia is intellectual dishonesty. So is the notion that abortion involves only the woman.

It is DONE TO the unborn child.

But do proponents of legalized abortion care about the unborn child? No. Their hearts are completely cut off from the suffering the child feels. They only care about adult women, who are perfectly capable of recovering from whatever tragedy that overcomes them.

Babies? They are completely at the mercy of the adults in their lives.

Take a look at this victim of late-term abortion:

How can anyone not take into account this human being's rights?

If they don't, it's because they don't care. They only care about certain people. They do not care about the equality of all human beings. Then they presume to speak for me by saying that abortion is a woman's right.

I am so sick of feminists and their enablers presuming to speak in my name. Especially on this topic.

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