Thursday, January 03, 2008

Feminist: Lack of virgins causes men to blow up abortion clinics

Sometimes, I cannot get over the delusions feminists hold about socially conservative people.

I wonder if they do it on purpose to make things up. Or whether they are intellectually capable of approaching an issue from any worldview other than their own.

Take today's rant from Amanda Marcotte.

It's full of gross misconceptions.

And I'm talking about the likely profile of the suspects in the various attacks on the offices of Dr. Curtis Boyd and the Planned Parenthood offices in Albuquerque, NM. Just as the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked because they symbolized American power to the 9/11 terrorists, women's health centers are targeted nationwide for domestic terrorism because they symbolize women's freedom to the terrorists that obsess over them.

I'm not going to justify attacking abortion clinics: because I do not condone such behaviour in the least.

But see, they can't imagine that pro-lifers hate abortion clinics for any other reason other than it represents women's freedom.

Maybe, just maybe, it represents murder.

Oh no! That's just a ruse! People don't seriously consider abortion murder!

They can't admit people's sincerity if it conflicts with their own ideology. I've often noticed that about feminists. They cannot take people at face value if it means that doing so would contradict their cherished beliefs. There has to be some underlying, unconfessed motive to any statement or behaviour that would stretch the paradigms of their belief system.

Even the much-touted hymen doesn't give very good proof either way on whether or not a woman is a virgin, since hymens can and often do disintegrate long before a woman has any kind of sexual contact of any sort. And since it only exists as a subjective, hazy concept, it's hardly something you can "give" your husband on your wedding night with a big bow wrapped around it.

Sheesh. You think we hadn't realize that virginity is not a concrete thing? Wow, they must really think we're dumb. Again, that's another trait I've noticed about feminists: they underestimate their opponents' intelligence. They don't call us knuckle-draggers and mouthbreathers for nothing. Again, admitting that people they oppose might actually be capable of critical thinking goes against their cherished beliefs.

Of course "giving away" one's virginity has more of an anthropological value than a concrete one. As if us virgins didn't realize that when we got to our wedding night. The act of preserving oneself until marriage communicates something meaningful, and in fact shapes one's whole worldview about love and marriage.

But don't let the feminists know that. That might challenge their beliefs.

And yet the sense that birth control and abortion allows women to just run around having sex without saving that special, non-existent virginity-taking experience for their husbands is what drives so much of the resentment that leads up to incidents like clinic arsons.

LOL. Does she really think that social conservative men sit around and go: crap, that birth control has taken away all those virgins! Damnit, I'm going to blow up an abortion clinic because of that.

I've never met a man who held resentment against contraception for depriving "him" of a virgin. Seriously. It does not happen.

It's sad, really, that so many anti-choicers get so built up about virginity. The fantasy of cherry-popping on the wedding night, so built up for right wing men that they organize politically in revolt at the idea of not having the opportunity to do it,

LOL. "So built up for right-wing men"? LOL. Like women can get nothing out of sex on their honeymoons. What a laugh. Right-wing men organizing politically because they have no virgins? That's too funny. She really believes this?

has to rate as a gigantic disappointment when it actually happens and turns out to be short of the all-encompassing, mind-blowing sexual experience it's built up to be, and instead turns out to be mostly some awkward fumbling that's over much too quickly.

Yeah like, we don't talk to each other about our honeymoon experiences amongst ourselves and tell our non-married friends whatsoever about what they can expect. We all go on our honeymoons perfectly innocent. Give me a break.

Not that you'll get anyone to admit it, of course.

You've obviously never subscribed to a Catholic email list or message board.

The dropping realization that you made a huge, honking deal out of something that wasn't that big a deal at all rarely results in a thorough mea culpa from anyone,

Amanda thinks the big deal is about the sex. Is she that ignorant? Does she not know that's about the meaning, not the orgasms? I mean really.

and is more likely to result in a lot more defensive and unconvincing assertions that the cherry-popping was everything promised and even more.

Who does that?

Of course, the crazy sexual fantasy serves a larger social agenda, which is controlling women.

Naturally! Because socially conservative women are completely unable to think for themselves and know what they're in for. They are completely at the mercy of their men to know anything about anything.

The whole romance about giving and taking a woman's virginity is largely about women as things that are given and taken, not human beings in their own rights with their own purposes.

As if saving oneself for another human being to give oneself to each other doesn't say "you're unique-- I've saved myself only for you because you're the most special person in my life."

No, it's about the objectification of women. Once again, a feminist cannot admit the sincerity of other people's beliefs, otherwise it might challenge their ideology.

So while the immediate energy that drives the hostility towards women's health clinics is the anger that women are just running around having sex because they want to, the big picture is that women's sexuality is just a tool to control women altogether.

Yeah, socially conservative men are all about controlling women. Never mind that women do all this freely.

It's nothing new, but relevant when evaluating the way that anti-choice activism so easily slips into terrorist and terrorist-like activity. Terrorism is the desperate response of people who feel, usually rightly, that they're losing through the normal means.

LOL. Yeah, that's why all those feminists are scared sick that Roe is going to be overturned. The US is more pro-life than ever. American Pro-lifers are really shaking in their boots.

Sure, they hope to have Roe v. Wade overturned and claim victory in the continuation of abstinence-only funding, but overall, the writing's on the wall.

You have got to be joking. The writing is on the wall. It's only a matter of time because the United States acknowledges fetal rights. The trend could not be more clear.

For all their fantasies of women staying virgins until marriage, they live in a country where 95% of Americans end up ignoring that injunction.

This is hilarious. So let me get this straight: the fact that 95% of women have sex before marriage causes men to go out and blow up abortion clinics, because there aren't enough virgins to deflower on their wedding nights.

That is just too rich.

The price of freedom, of course, is constant vigilance, which is why this website even exists. Part of the reason that a cadre of crazy people has even managed to undermine reproductive rights as much as they have is because defenders of those rights have been too lax, felt that a victory won couldn't be undone.

Or maybe it's because people see that the pro-choice philosophy has been built on a pack of lies. Like her column.

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