Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Goverment controls people's bodies all the time-- and it's okay!

The classic argument in favour of abortion is that women should be the ones to decide what happens to their bodies.

But in fact, the law has all kinds of rules that stop people from controlling their bodies.

For instance, in Canada, you can't engage in public nudity or public sex acts.

You cannot have sex with certain categories of people.

You cannot sell your blood, gametes or engage in paid surrogacy.

You cannot ingest or distribute certain types of drugs.

You must wear a seatbelt in a car. You must wear a helmet to ride a motorcycle.

And so forth.

Society has decided that if there is a higher purpose, it is perfectly acceptable to control what happens to people's bodies.

It totally quashes the idea that nobody has the right to make decisions for other people's bodies. We already do. And often it's the very socialists who advocate "autonomy" who preach in favour of these laws.

If you can force a person to wear a motorcycle helmet for their own good, why can't we compel abortionists to not abort for the good of another.

As I said. The abortion ideology implodes through the force of its own contradictions.

UPDATE at 5:21 PM.

JJ at Unrepentant Old Hippie writes:

Trying to refute the pro-choice argument that the state has no business controlling womens' bodies with abortion laws, SUZANNE takes a swing and misses. Her rebuttal? We already have lots of intrusive, onerous and stupid laws dictating What Big Daddy Government Thinks Is Good For Us... so what the hell, why not a few more?

Yeah. Let's have complete de-regulation of everything. Let people ingest obscure pharmaceutical drugs. If they suffer adverse effects-- pf! Touch luck. And if some perv wants to masturbate on a park bench, well the Nanny State should just keep the hell away. People's sensitivities be damned!

In the comments section, Prole writes:

No govermnent control of my uterus/life. F*CK NO!

The government already controls women's uteruses. The government bans making money with one's uterus.

The Oppression! Call the Human Rights Commission!

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