Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I don't deserve abortion

I am sick to death of people talking about the "right to abortion" as if it were some kind of victory in my name.

I am a woman.

I don't deserve the "right" to abortion.

I deserve BETTER.

I deserve better than to be told that my fertility is some kind of disease that needs a cure. I deserve better than to be told the only way to get my way in life is to kill my baby. I deserve better than to be treated like I can't control my sexual instincts, and the only answer is to treat procreation like the enemy.


Religious fanatics are so quick to fight for the right of an unborn fetus, even when orphanages are full, but it seems these same religious fanatics are also for the death penalty and will support any U.S lead war that kills foreigners in other countries.

Yeah, those civil rights leaders were so quick to fight for Black people, forgetting about all those white kids born into poverty and all the poor starving children around the world.

What a stupid argument.

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