Monday, January 28, 2008

I wept

I normally deal with the political side of the fetal rights struggle.

On the 20th anniversary of the infamous Morgentaler decision, I decided to write something different.

Yesterday, I went to Mass, thinking about how today was the 20th anniversary of the decision that created open season on unborn children in Canada.

I received Communion and listened to the hymn: "I will raise him up on the last day". I closed my eyes, and I pictured in my mind The Last Day. I represented it as a play in my head, and the audience watched as the unborn were the first to rise from the dead. And the children paraded down the centre aisle by the millions. It was endless. All those kids, killed. On and on and on. All those lives lost. And when the children were on stage, they met with their mothers and asked: why didn't you protect me? Why did you have me killed? Why didn't you love me?

It was such an awful scene. And I started to cry. For all the lost babies. Because practically no one mourns them. No one mourns the loss of the potential and the joy and the specialness that every human being represents. Each baby was snuffed out.

Yeah, I must've looked weird crying the way I did.

When Jesus lost his friend Lazarus, he wept, too. We've lost the sense of right and wrong, good and evil, life and death. Even though Jesus knew he could raise his friend from the dead, death was a sad thing. The fact that we suffer this condition of mortality is a mournful thing in and of itself.

Our post-modern society doesn't recognize that. Since there are no more absolute standards of right and wrong, death is seen as liberating. When you kill someone, you liberate them. That's why so many people advocate for killing children who would be abused. They think they're doing abused children a favour by doing that. They think they're being kind.

But they do not see the human person in his totality-- including his developmental totality. They think when you kill a fetus, you're not doing it to an individual. It's something else entirely, in their minds.

I have to mourn that this is allowed to go on in our society. That we do not see human beings as they really are. That they are forced to be destroyed. I know what my opponents would say: you should be happy, they're going to heaven.

Abortion is a gross injustice. The injustice of abortion should not be the means by which unborn children are sent to an early death. You cannot be entirely happy about someone's eternal rest when they were sent there against by another's hand.

On the Last Day, we will see the enormity of our fault. We will mourn the destruction. We will come face to face with the very people whom we failed to protect.

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