Friday, January 25, 2008

John Bootie: Pro-life Independent candidate for president

I'm posting the following on my main blog because I have more US readers here.

Meet John Bootie.

He seems very pro-life, so I thought I'd put out his name, as another pro-life candidate worthy of consideration.

His campaign sent me a message:

Hello my name is Jason Bootie I would like to bring to your attention the stance of an Unknown and Grass roots Independent Candidate for the 2008 Presidency!! Now yes it looks and seems impossible and you may be thinking WHY bother. Well John Bootie "AMERICAS CANDIDATE" is tired of hearing everyone complain but yet they continue to just sit around and not do a thing. Well John has decide to take a stand and do something. We know the outcome of him ending up in the Oval Office in Jan. 09' is very bleak, but he has given god the reigns to this Campaign and says this is God's campaign and the outcome will be what is meant to be.

Mr. Bootie is an Ultra Conservative and abortion is a big subject for him. I'm just trying to get ALL of his views out into the public the best possible way. The MSM won't give us the time of day, so I personally email groups to let them see for themselves what "AMERICAS CANDIDATE" has to say!! We hope you agree with what Mr. Bootie says and if you do like his views and agree with them, just tell a friend or two, and have them take a look also.

John doesn't want a vote from someone until they have looked over his website and platform and can honestly tell themselves they like and believe what John Bootie has to say. He wants folks to research all the candidates and to vote for the one they agree and can trust the best.

John has done dozens of interviews and you won't hear him hesitate to say the same thing every interview. Can anyone guess why that is exactly? Well let me explain that John is in this for you the little guy, because he is a little guy just like you and I. He does not tell one group or radio host ONE thing and then turn around and tell another group something totally opposite. He will OWE NO ONE when he gets elected into office, except for THE AMERICAN PEOPLE who voted him in to SERVE them and our Great Nation.

So please take only a few minutes and see how you feel about Mr. Bootie. If you have a minute here or there take a few to pass along Mr. Bootie's name so that others can see if they like him or dislike him. Thanks for your time and consideration.

God Bless,
Jason Bootie

Campaign Manager/Son

John Bootie 08'

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