Friday, January 25, 2008

Joyce Arthur: abortion clinics pick up the slack

For the last few years now, some abortion advocates have been complaining that abortion access is declining because only 15% of hospitals in Canada (excluding the Catholic ones) perform abortions.

Today's Globe and Mail had a column lamenting that fact.

However, Joyce Arthur, Canada's most well-known abortion says that abortion access has actually improved since 1988.

Posting as Choice Joyce, she writes on Bread n Roses:

Hospital access may have decreased over the years, but clinics have picked up the slack and more. Access has improved substantially since 1988, with 45% of abortions now done in clinics compared to 7% in 1988.

She also debunks a few statements made in the column:

All provinces with clinics pay in full for abortions at clinics, except for New Brunswick, Quebec being the latest victory. This means very, very few women actually have to pay for their abortions. Further, there is now a fund run by National Abortion Federation to help women with travel expenses or those not covered by Medicare. Women in the territories have their travel expenses covered by the government. The wait time problem in Ottawa has been fixed - the gov't increased the clinic's funding. In some provinces (eg., BC, Quebec) women ARE reimbursed if they must travel to the U.S. for an abortion.

If there really were an access problem, wouldn't there be far fewer than 100 000 abortions a year?

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