Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pre-born baby needs your prayers

Could everyone please keep in prayer, a baby that is scheduled to be aborted this Monday (2/4), as well as his/her parents?

Likewise, please pray for James, who is intervening on baby's behalf.

Maybe you can consider spiritually adopting this baby and ask for Archbishop Fulton Sheen's intercession (author of short prayer below), whose cause for beatification will proceed this Sunday (2/3), according to Father Apostoli of the Friars of the Renewal.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen's Spiritual Adoption prayer

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I beg you to spare the life of the unborn child I have spiritually adopted, who is in danger of abortion.

Our Lady of Guadalupe,

pray for this baby.

Reposted verbatim from cause of our joy

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