Friday, January 18, 2008

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeals Sides with Bill Whatcott

A victory for free speech. Will the Saskatchewan Nurses group appeal? It remains to be seen.

From Bill Whatcott:

Dear friends:

For those of you who don't know the whole story. In the spring of 2002 I led a group of Godly protesters on a weekly vigil at Regina Planned Parenthood (RPP). During this vigil we called attention to Planned Parenthood International's (Regina Planned Parenthood is part of IPP) direct involvement in surgical abortions and RPP's involvement in abortion referral and chemical abortion by giving abortificient Morning After Pills. We also denounced their amoral and unhealthy sex education program and called on their clients to repent of fornication and abortion and turn to Christ that their sins may be forgiven.

Seeing as I was the leader of this weekly vigil and the most outspoken RPP targeted me. First they called the police and tried to have me arrested. When this failed they went after my nursing license. The pro-abortionists at the Saskatchewan Licensed Practical Nursing Association were quite happy to oblige Planned Parenthood's request I be censored for my off work pro-life activities.

They found a pro-abortion adjudicator named Jamie Struthers and had a farce of a trial. God did many amazing things during that trial. An RN called me up and put her job on the line to testify in my defense. She exposed Dr George Carson's (RPP's Medical Director) involvement with sadistic treatment of aborted children. She testified under oath Dr Carson would grab late term aborted babies by the head and start shaking them. She testified some of these babies came out alive and would cry before they were suffocated or bled to death.

Bill Whatcott exposed many of RPP's lies. The Director Barbara McWatters of RPP made a number of ridiculous statements under oath. She claimed late term abortions don't take place in Canada and my side revealed her own Medical Director was committing them in Regina General Hospital. In spite of the RPP testimony being thoroughly discredited and RPP being thoroughly exposed as being part of Canada's and PPI's baby killing and sexual perversion apparatus I was found guilty of "slandering" Planned Parenthood. I slandered them according to Jamie Struthers because I called them baby killers and accused them of being part of the problem with the spread of Aids/ HIV through their promotion of condoms and sexual promiscuity.

Even though my activities were off work and I never represented myself as a nurse at RPP, Struther's found me guilty of professional misconduct fined me $15,000 and suspended me indefinitely until I paid the fine. My lawyer Tom Schuck appealed this dreadful decision and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association intervened on my side.

Yesterday I received word the fine and suspension was overturned by the Saskatchewan Court of Appeals. I can go back to nursing if I wish and more importantly this case can be used by any of Canada's professions as a precedent for freedom of speech and religiously based conscientious objection. Christians and other moral Canadians, Dentists, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers as well as Nurses can reference my case if they are bullied by their professional organizations as a result of a stand they take on a moral issue during their time off work.

Thank you Jesus!
Bill Whatcott

The judgement can be read here.

Bill says he's not sure if he'll go back to nursing.

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