Friday, February 29, 2008

Abortion Debate at York U. cancelled...Student Union doesn't want it debated

Passing this on, received by email, from a witness...

Last night at around 5:30pm I went to the York University Student Centre (Room 307) to see a debate between pro-abortion atheist Michael Payton and pro-lifer Jojo Ruba (from Calgary's Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform).

Sadly, when I got there a sign on the door of the room said that the debate was cancelled due to a vote by the group running the student centre. This sign had been posted just 2 hours before the debate, giving very little time to arrange for another location.

The leader of the York Bio-Ethical Reform group who had organized the event was still at the door. She informed me that she was told that students running the centre had voted that the topic was not to be debated in the student centre.

Many eager students had shown up (on both sides of the debate) but were disappointed by the fact that the debate could not be held in the student centre.

The group can apply to hold a future debate in classrooms on campus, but it takes a long time and Jojo will be back in Calgary before a room can be approved.

Thus, a Baptist church nearby allowed people to meet.
A small group of prolifers went to the church.

Michael Payton would not meet at the church. Only Jojo went. I was driven to the small meeting and Jojo did an excellent presentation.

According to the website, York University lauds itself because it:
"Questions Every Angle/Studies Every Angle/Researches Every Angle"....

We need to hold York students at the centre to this!!!

Censoring balanced debates hosted by registered campus groups is so unfair!

The hosts of the cancelled debate plan to request a story about this outrage in the York campus papers.

Just thought I'd let you know!

Apparently, the York Debating Society has a debate in the near future on the topic, but I know no details about it.

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