Sunday, February 10, 2008

April Reign: a fetus is not a body

April Reign thinks that when a pregnant woman is killed, there's only one body.

That's the kind of errors in fact and logic that will lead to the establishment of fetal rights, one way or the other.

When women grieve their miscarriages, are they grieving over their own bodies?

Are they grieving for the loss of a body part? Of course not. The fetus has a different DNA than the mother.

Women grieve the loss of the fetus for what it is.

Some women believe he is a person. Some do not. But in no ways do they think he is the woman herself.

But heck, don't tell feminists the facts. Their minds are made up. If a woman and/or her family have to suffer the loss of a family member because of abortion, so be it!

See, the thing is: these feminists do not acknowledge the fetus as a family member for many Canadians-- even if they do not recognize the fetus' personhood. They do not want society to acknowledge that the fetus is a family member. A definitively not the state.

Because if that happens, they think their precious right to kill their own offspring will be put into jeopardy.

And if a family has to suffer for the sake of protecting legalized abortion, ah well, too bad!

Abortion has never really been about a woman's right to choose. It has always been about the right to kill a fetus in order to avoir parenting. It trumps every other right, even the right to justice.

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