Thursday, February 07, 2008

Feminist: post-abortive women unable to admit they've f*cked up

There's no doubt a minority of women experience emotional issues after an abortion, issues they can usually be walked out of with a little help. But it's safe to say that for a few, their delicate mental state may have been a pre-existing condition. However, abortion certainly provides a convenient scapegoat for anyone unwilling or unable to face the fact that maybe they're just fucked up.

This is why the feminist movement is losing credibility with women.

If women do not live up to their ideology, they are dismissed.

For the vast majority of us it's a decision that provides overwhelming relief at worst...

"Us". I wonder which "us" she is talking about. I guess the millions of women who've suffered post-abortion suffering are just f*ck-ups to her and of no account.

And then they wonder why so many women don't want to call themselves feminists.

If you do not toe the feminist line, your pain is discounted. Women are to be trusted with abortions. They are not to be trusted when it comes to speaking about their abortions. If millions of women say abortion hurt them, and they can't get over it, then they just can't admit they're f*ck-ups. They're mentally deranged, unstable, hysterical, deluded.

Is it me, or does that sound like the narrative that feminists seek to counter-act?

And that's the truth about abortion -- from someone who's been there.

And JJ's experience at the abortion clinic defines it for everyone.

It reminds me of the guy who smoked 3 packs a day and lives to be a hundred and says smoking isn't bad. It's all propaganda.

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