Friday, February 22, 2008

VIDEO: The American Eugenics Movement-- The War Against the Weak

This is a video of a lecture given by Edwin Black about his book The War Against the Weak. It documents the history of the American Eugenics movement.

It's a 45-minute lecture/question session (with phone calls at the end to fill out the hour, but I didn't listen to those).

It's very educational. It depicts how those who were not like the white American elites were deemed "inferior".

Sound familiar?

Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood are briefly mentioned. (See around minute 32 for a brief discussion around Margaret Sanger. He says Margaret Sanger was a bigot but not a racist. I beg to differ.)

I find it interesting that Edwin Black seems supportive of Planned Parenthood, notwithstanding its original philosophy and the nature of abortion-- which is a war against the weak. And many abortions are indeed eugenic in nature.

I got this video from Red Tory's blog. I find it ironic that he tries to pin eugenics on Blogging Tories, when Social Conservatives are among the strongest opponents of eugenics and forced sterilization. Libertarians would also be strongly opposed, as they would fight government interference with personal autonomy.

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