Monday, February 04, 2008

He killed a fetus to save lives

Garson Romalis, the abortion provider, published a column in today's National Post:

Let me tell you about an abortion patient I looked after recently. She was 18 years old, and 18-19 weeks pregnant. She came from a very strict, religious family. She was an only daughter, and had several brothers. She was East Indian Hindu and her boyfriend was East Indian Muslim, which did not please her parents. She told me if her parents found out she was pregnant she would be disowned and kicked out of the family home. She also told me that her brothers would murder her boyfriend, and I believed her. About an hour after her operation I and my nurse saw her and her boyfriend walking out of the clinic hand in hand, and I said to my nurse, "Look at that. We saved two lives today."

What a steaming pile of crap.

The solution to their problem was to kill the mother's unborn child?

What about the future? What about when the girlfriend and boyfriend want to get married? What's going to be the solution then? Didn't solve the real problem, did it?

19 week-old fetus

Again, another case of a proponent of legalized abortion not confronting the actual act of abortion.

Sure he focuses on the tragic cases of women who gave themselves infection and killed themselves through the process.

But should killing another human being be the solution?

This is Canada. A woman should not feel forced to abort because of some barbaric tradition of honour killing.

The question is: did the mother really want the baby?

And if she did, why wasn't she helped to deliver the baby, and not feel compelled to abort? Why weren't the family members confronted about their attitudes and practices? Why weren't they warned that if anything happens to the girl, they would be suspected and arrested?

And if she didn't want the baby, then the problem wasn't really honour killing, was it?

Romalis did not save anyone's life. That woman and her boyfriend still lives under the shadow of her relatives' violence.

And he killed a baby in the process.

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