Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Maybe Birth Pangs is right

Maybe it's time we legislate against pregnancy.

After all, as Chimera says, if we give people the choice to have genetically inferior babies, that will lead to the destruction of the human race.

At the end of time, I think we'll find that H. G. Wells was right. We are the architects of our own destruction. And, under the pretext of proponing human rights for fetuses, the anti-choice crowd are determined to wipe humans off the face of the earth entirely. And they accuse the pro-choice people of crimes against humanity!

Crap. She's right. But you know, if fighting for disabled fetuses leads to our complete destruction, maybe we shouldn't let ANYONE have the choice of having a disabled fetus.

We should FORCE women to kill their genetically inferior fetuses.

And I might even go one step beyond that. We should maybe even test all newborns and put the the genetically inferior ones to death.

I mean after all: it's the survival of the human race we're talking about, right? We should let inconvenient concepts like humanity, equality, the sanctity of life and rights get in the way of our survival.

Nobody has the right to argue against our COLLECTIVE survival after all. It's the human race that matters, not the human individual. The human individual is disposable. He's a nothing, a blob of tissue. If his existence gets in the way of the collectivity, well he should be eliminated. He's not allowed to exist if he's any burdern to anyone else.

Pro-choice is pro-life? NO! PRO-ABORTION is PRO-LIFE!

(And in case you didn't get it, I AM being facetious).

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