Saturday, March 22, 2008

Aboriginals disrupt Palm Sunday services; threaten to disrupt Easter Sunday services

Good way to gain our sympathy, folks: disrupt the Mass during the holiest holiday of the Catholic calendar.

This is a video showing a demonstration at Holy Rosary Church in Vancouver. They are threatening to "evict" the Church from Squamish land. The Aboriginals protested in front of the Church, then disrupted the Mass and stood in front of the altar. They threaten they will be back.

Services were also disrupted in Toronto.

H/T: Shagya Blog

UPDATE: Paul Schratz takes the media to task for publishing unverified claims.


All of this has been dutifully reported by a number of mainstream media outlets, without a single reporter contacting the Archdiocese of Vancouver to ask for a comment, to ascertain Annett's credibility, or to examine the veracity of his allegations. In fact, only when the Squamish Nation issued a statement condemning the church occupations and declaring that Annett did not represent them did the media even suggest his claims might warrant more scrutiny.


If they did examine Annett's past, they would find he has left a trail of burned bridges and alienation behind him, from his own United Church to natives who have worked with him and have since distanced themselves from him. Reputable first nations groups will have nothing to do with him.

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