Monday, March 17, 2008

Another feminist who doesn't get it

Opponents of Bill C-484 harp on about how it will re-criminalize abortion, despite the fact that the bill exempts abortion from prosecution.

The question remains: how do they intend to address the injustice of losing a fetus?

Even more abhorrent, I believe if it is passed it will be seen as a legal way to punish women for any choice they may make concerning the fetus

No it won't, because the actions or omissions of the mother are specifically exempted.

Exactly, if a woman is safe, her unborn child is safe.

And if her unborn child is killed, then what? Where's the justice in our legal system?

I also agree with Mathyssen that this is just another way the Conservatives have incrementally taken away women's rights in this country.

"They have removed equality from the mandate of women's programs, cancelled the court challenges program, closed 12 regional offices of the Status of Women Canada and ended research, lobbying and advocacy on behalf of women."

Crapola. A government office is not a "right". A court challenges program is not a "right".

If anything, the Conservative government has given women rights: the right to dissent from feminist ideology and to voice opinions in the public sphere that feminists censor.

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