Friday, March 07, 2008

Antonia Zerbisias-- no sympathy for the loss of the fetus

From ProWomanProLife:

Re.: Bill C-484, the unborn victims of crime bill, this column about sums up how much sympathy a pro-abortion advocate is prepared to have for women murdered when pregnant.

…the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that a woman and her fetus are considered “one person.” That means there are no “unborn victims” of crime…

There you have it. There are no unborn victims. And “unborn victims” gets quotation marks, just to highlight how delusional a pregnant woman really is.

Don’t get me wrong, I like charades–have played it many times. But really, how long can women like Antonia Zerbisias keep this up?

That's the point. Feminists don't give a damn that losing a fetus is not a crime. They don't sympathize with the families according to what the families feel-- that is, grief over the loss of the fetus (that is someone or something of value), and a sense of anger at the fact that the culprit is not brought to justice.

They can't sympathize.

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