Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bill C-484: The feminists just don't get it

I was thrilled to hear that Bill C-484 passed Second Reading today by a vote of 147-133.

It's really unfortunate that feminists do not see that most women want their right to their fetus protected.

All this talk about "rights". There's one right they don't recognize.

Because what they really care about is abortion.

Are people who have no compassion for third-trimester fetuses dying of partial birth abortion the right people to guide us on policy matters relating to the fetus?

Are they really tuned into the wishes of the majority of women if they have such little compassion to the idea of a fetus being brutally killed that way?

If they don't have a thought for the fetus during a legal procedure, why would they care about the fetus during an illegal procedure, i.e. the murder or assault of a pregnant woman?

When feminists fume that C-484 attacks women's rights and are caustic towards those who would defend a mother's right to their fetus, they don't seem to have a clue that they are alienating themselves from the vast majority of women who want to see the deaths of wanted unborn children avenged.

Just imagine: you've carried this baby for several weeks, probably several months and you're looking forward to the birth. You've seen the ultrasounds, cried at the prospect of meeting your baby.

And some guy kills the baby. And neither your nor your family gets the satisfaction of seeing the culprit brought to justice.

And the feminists say: oh, all that is irrelevant in the face of abortion.

As if unborn babies and their right to give birth has to play second fiddle to the feminist-driven hardcore abortion ideology.

They treat making criminals accountable for their actions as insignificant, like that was not a key component of justice in any way shape or form.

The feminist lack of compassion will only bite them in their butts in the end. Their stance may have been credible 25 years ago before the advent of ultrasound technology. Not anymore. People bond with their babies. They want society to treat them as more than blobs of tissue, and their deaths as more than mere amputations. Their inability to confront and cope with the issue will only lead to their ideological downfall. The fact that they simply repeat "but C-484 will recriminalize abortion" just shows how intellectually bankrupt their stance is. They don't have an answer for: what about the fetus? What about the mother's right to the fetus? (Except to treat it as if it didn't exist or it didn't matter).

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