Tuesday, March 18, 2008

College writer is "shocked" at pro-life presentation

Standing in the University Centre at the "Life Fair" I was shocked that all of this could be happening in this place and time. In protest with signs saying "My body, My choice," I felt like I had either suddenly traveled back in time to the 70s or I had somehow teleported to the Southern States.

I am also shocked. Shocked that closed-minded feminists like this still ACT like it's the seventies, like ultrasound hasn't been invented and that the unborn child is of no consequence.

They handed out . With magnets being statinging, "Let's make abortion extinct" and with speakers saying claimed that making abortion legal twenty years ago was a big mistake. This anti-choice sentiment cannot be masked as being life-positive. , you cannot deny that this fair had strong anti-choice sentiments.

I love her Orwellian language. See, feminists can't confront the act of abortion. What happens during an abortion? A life is extinguished. Not life-positive? If you're blind to the scientific fact that the fetus is alive, I guess not.

These are the kinds of sophistries that have upheld the abortion free-for-all in this country. And when they are exposed, the abortion ideology will implode.

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