Friday, March 07, 2008

The dumbest comment on C-484 yet

From Scott Ross:

This current law embodies the scientific fact that no one can identify the precise moment when a Unborn Human Child (UHC) becomes alive. Thus just as in the medical field, the legal stance is that becoming alive is a process, and thus the stages of development must be considered in making a judgement determining the degree of punishment.

Let's see: a human embryo grows, moves, takes in nutrition, has DNA, etc

But scientifically we don't know when it's alive.

As if.

Eat, move, grow: that's what organisms do.

There are organisms far less complex than the human embryo that are considered well..organisms!

He doesn't even back up his statement.

Read a developmental biology book: human life begins at fertilization.

By stating in this new Bill, that if a person kills a woman at any stage of pregnancy that person would have an additional minimum 10 years added to their punishment, even if the UHC was in its embryonic stage and thus by most, if not all scientific accounts, not alive; this bill is saying that an embryo is just as much alive as an UHC that is 9 months old. With that conclusion, the implication of this Bill is that life then must begin at conception.

The problem is, beyond the philosophical invalidity of that implication, Science would heavily disagree. It is impossible to suggest that an embyo, without a nervous system, without major organs, without any form of a developed brain, without any cognitive abilities whatsover is the same or has an equal claim at being alive as a 9 month old Unborn Human Child that has a nervous system, functioning and fully developed organs, a further developed brain, and elementry cognitive abilities.

So, it's impossible to suggest that a plankton without a nervous system, major organs or a developed brain or any cognitive abilities is just as alive as a human being.

Aliveness has nothing to do with complexity. An organism can be simple or complex.

Whether the woman loses her embryo at 6 weeks or 9 months, it's hers.

No one should have the right to take it away from her.

Whether the fetus is alive or not.

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