Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 25th: International Day of the Unborn Child

Today is the International Day of the Unborn Child.

I would like to encourage all pro-life bloggers to post their thoughts about the unborn child and the struggle for fetal rights.

As of today, I am approximately 23 weeks pregnant. It amazes me that very rudimentary facts about the unborn child are still not acknowledged by large groups of people, in spite of the invention of ultrasound. There are still people who think that an unborn child is non-living, a part of the woman's body, a parasite or some kind of non-human entity.

And this group of people are the ones most likely to not give a thought to the welfare of the unborn child.

Some people say that the only advocate an unborn child needs is a caring mother.

That's a glib thing to say. Some mothers don't care. And the children pay for it. Some mothers care, but others in their surroundings do not-- and there's nothing the mother can do about it because she's physically vulnerable and the fetus is not considered a human being.

The fetus must stop being seen as tangential to woman's rights and welfare. The fetus as a member of our species, as member of the human family deserves to be recognized as an equal. If all people really are created equal, they are equal at their creation-- in the womb. Sometimes there are times when the mother and the fetus are in an adversarial relationship: when the mother does things that run directly contrary to the interests of the unborn child. Should the child have to suffer in the name of female supremacy?

I really do not appreciate people claiming to speak in my name when they call abortion "a woman's right". There is no right to kill the innocent, and I resent that so-called "right" being perpetuated in the name of my gender, against my will. It's a feminist "right to choose", not a woman's right. The abortion ideology is a feminist construct that is not based in reality. It's based on an antiquated and unscientific understanding of human reproduction of the unborn child. When abortion was legalized, it was assumed by the populace that the fetus really was part of a woman's body; that it was a blob of tissue; that the fetus felt nothing, etc. Science has made significant advances on research on the unborn child, but the rhetoric surrounding him is still stuck in the 1960's. The fetus and the woman are still treated as one entity, when NOBODY treats it as a body part.

And it's time society and its institutions begin to treat the unborn child as someone worthy in and of himself.

The only reason the unborn child is not recognized is feminist supremacy. The idea that women, being an oppressed class, are entitled to special consideration and that the interests of others are secondary, has to be discarded to the dustbin of history. The reproductive capacity of women, and their special ability to carry life does not make women entitled to behave however they see fit without consideration for anyone else's interests, just because men can be irresponsible and not have to suffer the consequences pregnancy. Two wrongs do not make a right. Women have a right to determine what happens to their bodies so long as no one else gets hurt. The fact that the fetus occupies a mother's womb "without her permission", and puts a burden on their own body does not give the mother the right to kill him.

The only reason we have the right to kill another human being is in the face of an unjust aggression when serious bodily damage may result.

But feminism perpetuates the idea that women are such powerless victims that the only way to empower them is to allow the woman to kill her child.

If that is the price of making men and women "equal" then I will have none of that so-called "equality". It's not real equality. When you have the power to kill another human being at will, that's not equality. That's tyranny.

But feminists feel entitled to that tyranny. It is entirely irrelevant to them whether it is tyranny or not. The fetus is not the one who matters. It is the woman. So long as she is the one carrying the fetus, her interests are supreme, the fetus' interests are secondary and no one has the right to interfere.

As long as feminist supremacy reigns, the fetus will not be deemed important enough to matter. It will be considered an insult to feminists to think that he is an equal because they feel entitled to kill him, and do not feel an absolute sense of responsibility towards him; just like white supremacists felt insulted by the notion that black people were equal to them and had rights that had to be respected.

True equality means all human beings must be considered equal, including the unborn, and each individual must be respected, especially as regards their own existence. When society recognizes this truth that is when we will have true equality. Not the feminist supremacy that we know now.

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