Thursday, April 03, 2008

Canadian Cynic: proving my point

Lulu at Canadian Cynic thinks I should "just shut the f--- up"

I don't shut up.

Certainly not in the face of rude, obnoxious know-it-all bloggers who think they can throw their weight around with their profanity.

I realize that someone with their head as far up their ass as you would be completely oblivious to the endless hypocrisy of your statements above, but let me try and explain.

More feminist condescension.

The guiding mission of the anti-choice, fetus fetishist mouthbreathers is to ensure that they, and they alone, speak for women everywhere by imposing their views on society as a whole. With me so far?

Actually, no. It is feminists who claim that killing their unborn offspring is a women's right.

I never claimed to speak for all women, nor do I. But feminists do. Constantly. And it's time to tell them to SHUT UP. YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL WOMEN.

I claim it's wrong for women to have their offspring killed. That's not speaking for women, no more than saying men shouldn't beat their wives is speaking for all men.

Speaking for others meaning taking your opinions and projecting them as everyone else's opinion.

But don't tell Lulu that...

So where the fuck do you get off thinking for one second it’s okay to accuse someone of the same shit you pull?

Because I didn't. But feminists do.

Wake up and smell the 21st century, SUZANNE — a woman’s sole purpose in life can no longer be summed up as “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen”.

More BS I never said. Again, a feminist thinks she knows the mind of another non-feminist better than herself.

P.S. Every time you write one of these pathetic, anti-feminist screeds, you prove something that I’ve always suspected. The real misogynists aren’t conservative men. They’re conservative women. Bravo.

And you've proven my point: feminists think only THEY really speak for the interests of women. Non-feminists should just shut up.

I am never ever going to shut up. People are far more sick of politcal correctness (especially the rude, obnoxious kind, such as the filth spewed from Canadian Cynic) than an individual statement of belief.

And this, as CC would say, is not even close to being over. I am all out of patience with you.


Anonymous blogger threatens to do more of what I'm condemning to make my point. Be my guest. Make an obnoxious asshole out of yourself. Do more of what makes feminism so hated. Be the seeds of your movement's self-destruction. Swear and crap all over people. That's a good way to make an impression on others.

And they wonder why women don't want to call themselves feminist. Seriously.

Now they're going to sardonically call themselves "uppity". Moral victimhood gives them credibility in their eyes.

"Misogynist" is anyone who does not agree with any feminist tenet in their eyes. It has nothing to do with a woman's actual attitude towards other women. That makes most people misogynists on some level or another. As if.

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