Saturday, April 05, 2008

Canadian Cynic: Stupid is as stupid does

Lulu at Canadian Cynic tried to smear me as supporting violence in the cause of abortion.

I point out that pro-lifers are not violent. I indicate that the vast majority of pro-lifers do not support violence. I quote a pro-life leader who denounces violence.

But she doesn't address the issue! Hey, whatever.

Then Canadian Cynic accuses me of committing a fallacy. Because he does not agree with Father Eutenueur's definition of "pro-life". Even though a fetus is a human life. That's a scientific fact.

All the while committing a fallacy of assuming that because one anti-abortion activist supports violence, we all do. Never mind that a simple google search will show that major pro-life groups vehemently reject violence. Lulu has been caught in a slander, but she needs to find her way out of it.

Canadian Cynic is not one to give lessons on logic. They have not realized they are so blinded by their agenda, they can't think straight. They're all about smear, huff and puff. They can't have an adult discussion. Adults don't use profanity-laced, fallacy-driven ad hominems to make their point. How often do you see adults in serious discussion stuff like "well that a**hole is such a wanker, he is full of sh*t, he doesn't agree with me. He's a dumbf*ck for his opinions" etc.

No substance to the argument. Just put downs for put downs sake. Everyone knows this. That's why Canadian Cynic isn't taken very seriously. They're like the blowhard in high school who makes friends by putting down all the rejects, but in the back of their minds the other kids are thinking "I like the fact he picks on the nerds, but he's such an a**hole." He's all rhetoric, no substance.

Yes, I know, it's supposed to be humour. It still very juvenile.

And Lulu won't confront the issue of late-term abortion. She thinks this baby didn't deserve to live:

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